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Get to Know Me

This article from Shoutout Arizona just about sums it up! If you want the FULL story check out my About Me section below. 

About me

I started out with an interest in photography when I was very young. My parents are both photographers by hobby, which inspired me to pick up a DSLR and try to take cool pictures. While starting that hobby, I got my first job as a team member at a local movie theater for 8 years. 


Joining the movie theater got me very interested in the cinema because I got to see just about every movie I wanted to for free. In doing this, I started to get really interested in animation and visual effects. I also was able to see how movies were delivered and how; sometimes anyway, big studios would come and screen their movies at my theater. I was able to be up close and next to a lot of celebs featuring Michael Bay, Vince Vaughn, Kevin James, Ron Howard, Tom Cruise, JJ Abrams, and many others. Although I didn't get to talk to these people when they showed up, it was still a super exciting part of my experience. While working at the movies, I attended Rio Salado and got my AAS Degree in Computer Technology with two certificates of completions in Digital Design and Computer Usage/Applications. These classes mainly focused on Adobe and Microsoft Suites. 

After finishing my AAS degree, I transferred down to the University of Arizona where I attended film school(Class of 2016). While attending school there, I had many awesome opportunities to work with so many creative and talented people. This includes my classmates, local production companies, and Robert Kenner (Oscar Nominated Director, Food INC and Command and Control, which I acted and worked on!). Gaining these experiences has been invaluable to me and puts in a good argument towards the "is film school really worth it" question that runs through so many minds of students who are thinking of entering college. 


During my time at U of A, I have received certain achievements. 

-directed Best Actress/won Jury Award for my films The Hall and Refuge at Campus Moviefest (world’s largest student film festival)

-Best Cinematography/worked with Best Actor for A Journey To Change, Campus Moviefest.

-Acted, PA'd, assisted drone videographers on Robert Kenner’s Command and Control, which just recently was nominated for an ACADEMY AWARD!

-Finalist for the InterDrone Film Festival in Las Vegas.

Currently, I work full time as a freelancer, and hope it stays that way!

Long story short, I specialize in anything camera or editing-related. This includes photography, videography, drone photos/videos, editing/color-correcting, and even directing. If you'd like to know more or would like to talk about a project, head over to my contact page, or just click on one of the social media outlets at the bottom right of this page! 




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